Checking In Attendees and Adding Offline Donations

The check-in tool makes it quick and easy to check in attendees who are registered for your Classy event. If you're running a Registration with Fundraising campaign, you'll also be able to add offline donations to your attendee's fundraising pages. The tool is made to work well on your mobile phone or tablet, so you don't even need a computer.


The Classy platform currently does not allow creating offline registrations outside of the Classy campaign manager. If you expect walk-up registrations at your event, make sure to have at least one computer with the Classy campaign manager open so you can register attendees. Once they are registered, you will be able to check them in with the Toolkit. Support for registering attendees within the check-in tool will be added as soon as Classy makes the underlying platform feature available.

Checking in attendees

There are two ways to check in an attendee. First, open the campaign in the check-in tool and search for the attendee by first and/or last name. Then you have two options:

  • Click or tap the photo icon to quickly check someone in from the search results. The photo icon will have a green outline when the person is checked in. If you click or tap the wrong icon, just tap again to toggle the check-in status.
  • Click or tap the person's name to view the details screen. You'll be able to see the ticket type and how much was paid. Click the "Check In" button to check them in - the button will turn green. Click the button again to toggle the check-in status.

The current number of people checked in and the total number of registrations will appear above the search results.

Adding offline donations

If you are running a Registration with Fundraising campaign, your attendees will have fundraising pages attached to their registrations. From the search screen, just tap an attendee's name to see their current fundraising total and add offline donations. Any donations entered will appear on the attendee's fundraising page in real time.


All donations added through the check-in tool will show up as offline donations in your Classy reporting. Use the Classy campaign manager to make changes to any offline donations.