Getting Started

This guide will walk you through setting up Toolkit for Classy and activating your first campaign for event check-in.

1. Find your Classy API keys and Organization ID

API keys allow the Toolkit to connect to your Classy account. You will also need your Organization ID so the Toolkit knows which organization to connect to. Follow this guide to create your API keys and find your Organization ID.

2. Log in with a Google account

We use Google accounts because most organizations have them and you won't have to remember another password. The Toolkit never receives your Google password - instead, the app receives confirmation from Google that you are who you say you are. If you don't have one, you can create a free account. Once you have a Google account, you can sign into the check-in tool.


You can connect multiple Google accounts to the same Classy account. See this page once you have connected the first account for more details.

3. Connect your Toolkit account to Classy

When you first log in, you'll be asked to add your Classy account information. Follow the link (or click on Settings) and enter the information you gathered from step one.

After entering the information, click Test and Save. The Toolkit will validate the API keys and organization ID to ensure everything works. If you receive an error, double-check all the information and try again.

4. Activate your first campaign

Return to the check-in tool's home screen (click Check-in for Classy in the toolbar). A list of campaigns will load. If your campaign isn't in the list, you can try searching for it. Click on the campaign you want to activate and enter your payment information.


If you can't find your campaign, ensure that it is a Registration with Fundraising or Ticketed campaign and that you've published it in the Classy campaign manager.


When you activate a campaign, any user with access to your organization in the Toolkit will be able to check in attendees. All check-in information is shared between organization users.

5. Check-in Attendees

Once you've activated a campaign, you can access check-in from the main app screen by clicking on the campaign name. You'll be presented with a list of attendees. Learn more about checking in attendees and adding offline donations to fundraising pages.