How to find your Classy API keys and Org ID


I recommend doing this from a desktop or laptop instead of your phone or tablet.

Finding your Classy Organization ID

Log into your Classy admin screen. In the address bar of your web browser, you should see a URL that ends with a number (see the image below for an example). The number after cid= is your Organization ID. Copy that down or enter it directly in your Classy Toolkit account settings.

If you are already logged in, you will probably not see the cid=12345 portion of the URL. Just log in again and it should show up.

Classy Org ID example

Creating your Classy API Client ID and Secret

From your Classy admin screen, click the API link in the header. At the bottom of the API page, under “Create a new App”, enter a name and web address for the app. I suggest naming it “WordPress Plugin” and using your website’s home page for the Oauth2 Redirect URI. The name is simply to help you remember what the API key is used for, the Oauth2 Redirect URI isn’t used in this situation but is required anyway. Click “Create App”.

Once you have done that, the page will reload and the newly created “app” will be at the bottom of the list. Click “Edit” to see the Client ID and Client Secret.

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret somewhere temporarily. (They are circled in red in the GIF below). I suggest opening Notepad or a similar program. It is important to keep the letters capitalized exactly how they are. Treat the Client ID and Client Secret as passwords because they give the user access to all of your Classy data.

Image showing how to create API keys